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Discovery VR Dumps You Into (Virtual) Shark-Infested Waters

High on the rundown of things we would prefer not to do is getting in the water with a cluster of sharks—be they the meek ones that are probably not going to eat you, or the greater ones that would love a container of traveler legs.

So, we're thoroughly fine with others taking a swim and taping it. We're much more intrigued when these overcome swimmers film their enterprises utilizing a favor new virtual reality camera, which can record 360-degree film from the camera's vantage point. Revelation, which loves to put these cameras in the most tricky of circumstances, has done quite recently that to help dispatch its new Discovery VR arrangement. What's more, no, you won't require an Oculus Rift before you bounce into the virtual waters.

Download the Discovery VR application for iOS and Android and view through Google Cardboard, or discover Discovery VR content by means of Samsung's Milk VR application and view on the Gear VR headset.

"For over 30 years, Discovery has recounted stories like nobody else — transporting you to spots you didn't know existed and starting interest every step of the way. Presently we enter another section. Virtual Reality can take you to new universes more than ever, submerging you in time, space and story," the organization said.

Encounters incorporate "shark-pervaded wrecks [and] freeboarding the windiest road on the planet — with substantially more to come," Discovery said.

On the off chance that you don't have Cardboard or a Gear VR, you can see Discovery VR recordings in the program. The video quality isn't the best, so don't expect that you'll get some insane, 4K-style film. Be that as it may, you can snap and drag with your mouse, or utilize the pointer bolt alternative in the event that you simply need to move your mouse around and have the camera take after wherever it goes.
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