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The Parent Dashboard demonstrates to you what your kids are doing inside the Education Hurb TK application. Through the Parent Dashboard, you can see

to what extent your tyke has spent in the application in the previous 30 days.

what sort of media your youngster utilizes the most (books, recordings, or recreations).

how much introduction he or she is picking up to each of the 8 Key Learning Areas.

what books, recordings, and diversions he or she has played.

books he or she may appreciate perusing (web as it were).

To get to the Parent Dashboard on the Education Hurb TK site, basically sign in.

To get to the Parent Dashboard inside the Education Hurb TK application, select the 'Adult Menu' symbol and enter your birthdate.

Keeping in mind the end goal to utilize the Parent Dashboard:

you should have a dynamic membership

you more likely than not made no less than one youngster profile

one client more likely than not utilized the application inside the most recent 30 days

Yes! Your Education Hurb TK membership is available over any upheld gadget.

Presently, Education Hurb TK backings iOS gadgets (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV) running iOS 8+.

The Parent Dashboard can likewise be gotten to by means of web programs.
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